Back to my roots. Yeah. Basically a ‘Note to Self’

Of all the styles I’ve dabbled in over the last few years, I always, always come back to this. It’s where I feel most ‘me’ and is a truly happy, free place. Yes, I love architecture and drawing and florals and watercolours and filling sketchbooks and painting en plein air but this right here is … More Back to my roots. Yeah. Basically a ‘Note to Self’

Post Two. Plunging.

I’ve been dithering around and putting off launching this website for weeks. ‘Launching” is far too grand a word for something so simple but it’s better to have something out there, than nothing at all. And so we plunge. A blog to muse about art, life and all the bits in between. It’s time to … More Post Two. Plunging.

Post One. Starting.

Where to start a new blog? How to start a new blog? Well, here and with words is a good start. The start of a new blog is a bit daunting and I immediately think about the words of Bob Neurwith from the Martin Scorsese documentary about Bob Dylan. He said that whenever someone new … More Post One. Starting.