Post Two. Plunging.

I’ve been dithering around and putting off launching this website for weeks. ‘Launching” is far too grand a word for something so simple but it’s better to have something out there, than nothing at all.

And so we plunge. A blog to muse about art, life and all the bits in between. It’s time to dive in. And while I’m throwing around swimming analogies, our local club pool is open again and I couldn’t be happier. The pool looks something like this ….

acrylic on canvas

Post One. Starting.

Where to start a new blog? How to start a new blog? Well, here and with words is a good start.

The start of a new blog is a bit daunting and I immediately think about the words of Bob Neurwith from the Martin Scorsese documentary about Bob Dylan. He said that whenever someone new came on to the ‘beat’ scene, the cry would go up “but do they have anything to say”? I don’t know if I do or I don’t, but I will try and work stuff out along the way.