First large mixed media piece completed this year.

recent work, Show Your Work

It’s been a slowish start to the year what with one thing and another. The one thing I can cope with. But another is a different story😄

I went into this piece with no intentions. I just wanted to get going so I let the shapes form themselves and the colour took over. The pinks deepened and became… shock horror, purple tones. I hardly ever use purple, and certainly not in abundance. It’s just not a colour that speaks to me. But it seemed to work and I stuck with the new mantra to just go with the flow.

Written in the Stars 30” x 24” on canvas

The birds

recent work, Show Your Work

I’ve painted a fair few birds this year. I started drawing them during the first lockdown when observing the action going on in the back garden became enthralling. It took a lockdown to do that. Gradually they became paintings, and greeting cards and prints. I loved watching the characters and relationships unfold. There’s alway high drama where birds are concerned.

Mr Malevolent became a greetings card.

All of life is happening amongst the branches. There’s scrapping and schmoozing. There’s old and young, greed, rivalry and courtships. There are the loud mouths and the philosophers. There’s never a dull moment.

Oi! That’s my bird.
Oi! Come down here and say that.

In every painting I’ve noticed that there’s always a quiet little chap, the voice of reason amongst the drama who just wants a quiet life.

Memories of Vilnius

recent work, Show Your Work, travels
Memories of Vilnius 90cm x 90cm

In October we took a short trip to Vilnius, Lithuania and it turned out to be the perfect place for a relaxing, inspiring few days. Full of history and beautiful buildings, walkable, and if like me, you don’t like crowds, it’s spacious and calm with plenty of places to sit and watch the world go by.

As always, my paintings start with a memory of place but they could be anywhere, where people sit and,watch the world go by, ponder life, the universe and everything in between over a coffee.

A Little Bit of ‘Lyme’. In Pink

recent work, Show Your Work, travels
The Cobb. Lyme Regis

Pink! I do love pink, in all its shades and nuances. Pink is rich, deep, multi-faceted. It can make your mouth water. You can stand in front of pink and bathe in its energy.

This painting is based on memories of a visit to Lyme Regis. The Cobb was buzzing with activity, boats in and out, people strolling, enjoying a perfect summer’s day. Giant seagulls. What I also remember is how quiet it was, perhaps dampened by the hills, and the shape of the harbour.

Mixed media on canvas. 90cm x 90cm