Who. What. And even why?


I am always happy to stand in a field and sketch. Being by water with a sketchbook, a Guinness and a dog is also good. I’ve been making art for years, having gone to college way, way back in the early eighties to study painting and history of art. Hardly remember a thing about it, except for my final show which was a series of giant paintings/collages of battered doors. I still like a battered door today.

I live in Suffolk. Things that make up the ‘who’ thing include …walking, swimming, dogs, history, friends, thinking about what makes us tick, animals, coffee, cooking, music, tea, nice boots, reading, crosswords. A typical INFJ/Libra if you’re into all that.


I draw, paint or make something every day even if it’s just some notes in a journal. I’m constantly experimenting with texture and colour, the two elements which I find way more exciting than structure or realism. Landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes… it doesn’t matter as I love them all, slightly abstracted, sometimes with a vague narrative, sometimes just trying to inject and express a feeling or three.

sketchbook, Guinness, Teabag dog.


Because art forms us. Whether we make it or look at it, it makes us richer. Art forces us have all the ‘feels’, good and bad. It is self discovery and every new piece of art is like a little journey. As Gustav Klimt said, “art is a line around your thoughts”. And I say. “It makes us think, it makes us stare but hopefully not lose our underwear.”

creativity takes courage

Henri Matisse