The birds

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I’ve painted a fair few birds this year. I started drawing them during the first lockdown when observing the action going on in the back garden became enthralling. It took a lockdown to do that. Gradually they became paintings, and greeting cards and prints. I loved watching the characters and relationships unfold. There’s alway high drama where birds are concerned.

Mr Malevolent became a greetings card.

All of life is happening amongst the branches. There’s scrapping and schmoozing. There’s old and young, greed, rivalry and courtships. There are the loud mouths and the philosophers. There’s never a dull moment.

Oi! That’s my bird.
Oi! Come down here and say that.

In every painting I’ve noticed that there’s always a quiet little chap, the voice of reason amongst the drama who just wants a quiet life.

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