Post One. Starting.


Where to start a new blog? How to start a new blog? Well, here and with words is a good start.

The start of a new blog is a bit daunting and I immediately think about the words of Bob Neurwith from the Martin Scorsese documentary about Bob Dylan. He said that whenever someone new came on to the ‘beat’ scene, the cry would go up “but do they have anything to say”? I don’t know if I do or I don’t, but I will try and work stuff out along the way.

4 thoughts on “Post One. Starting.

  1. Hey, Lane, I didn’t even KNOW you had a blog – so my invitation to your launch must’ve got lost in the post (let’s blame lockdown). I’ve loved going through this and seeing your paintings again – I know I can scroll through them on IG, but they feel more personal here for some reason.
    Have you checked my blog out lately? *winky/wonky face emoji*. I’ve kept hold of the WordPress site because I don’t let things go very easily, but I’m also duplicating posts from there onto the Substack place, which reads a lot crisper for some reason, and looks nicer when you read it on’t phone.
    Anyway, I thought I’d mention I dropped by. I hope you’re okay. I often think about you – and daresay I will even more once we start shepherds pie-ing again!
    Love, Debs x


    1. Debs! I sometimes forget I have a blog too and I must remedy that! I had such trouble with my website that it put me off writing …. Not like the old blogger days!
      I will making my way over to your blog home soon…. And I can’t WAIT for shepherd pie-ing the Debs way again. That simple tip changed my pie life 😂


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